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What’s New in CNC?

CNC machining has evolved leaps and bounds since the industrial revolution. Whether in terms of mechanical capabilities or technological advancements, there are multiple areas to investigate when taking into account all of the developments in the CNC machining world. Let’s take a look at some of the main improvements and upgrades.

Drill Machine

Alerts to Your Smartphone

The main difference between CNC machining and conventional/pre-CNC machining is the substantial reduction in human supervision that is required. While traditional machines would be actively monitored and manoeuvred by technicians throughout the manufacturing process, CNC machines work by programming a machine to carry out such manoeuvres free from human interaction, aside from the initial programming process.

That being said, if and when an error does occur, it may not be noticed until far later on if the machines are left unmonitored. This means that, despite the enormous capabilities of CNC machines, there is the possibility for a push-back in production time if an incident such as this did occur. BUT – smart phone alerts eliminate this issue by alerting you to any errors or hold-ups in production, wherever you are in the world! This innovative Next Generation technology further reduces the need for human input in CNC machining and helps you get on with your day to day life whilst ensuring no issue goes unnoticed in production.

Tool Development

As well as technological advancements, tool capabilities are forever being evolved and updated. Consistently, new tools are being developed which are able to operate with increased precision, strength and speed whilst maintaining the integrity of the material at hand.

Simulation Software

It may sounds bizzare at first, but the end goal of simulation software is to help reduce capital output and ensure that the final result is the best it could be. Before such software, it is possible for countless test runs to be carried out, only to redesign and redevelop, which results in wasted time and materials – and therefore wasted money. Simulation, verification and optimisation software bypasses the need for this by testing out potential results within the software alone and allowing any possible discrepancies to be weeded out in advance.

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Machine Connectivity and Monitoring

 There is now software available which will scan your current system for any disparities and substandard functionality – monitoring performance and pinpointing any areas which could benefit from updates. This ensures that machines can function to their full technological and mechanical potential, making sure that you don’t lose the integrity of your machine (and therefore your products) over time.


A Helpful Resource for An Engineer.

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