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What Is National Recruitment Agency (NRA)?

What Is National Recruitment Agency (NRA)? – Friends, today I will tell you. What is the National Recruitment Agency, and what is its purpose, what are its benefits, and its features will also tell you. Friends, the Union Cabinet Minister was approved by the Prime Minister of the country, the National Recruitment Agency on Wednesday, 19 August 2020. And the cabinet minister said that now there will be a common eligibility test for all the jobs. And this exam will be conducted twice daily by NRA. If you want to know more information related to this. So you read our this article completely. We have given you all the information related to this in this article.

What is National Recruitment Agency?

Friends for Group B and Group C preliminary exams. Daily 1 crore 5 lakh candidates register themselves. And you will be surprised to know that out of that only 1 lakh 25 thousand posts are recruited. Friends, under the National Recruitment Agency, once you pass in the Common Eligibility Test, you can give exams for government jobs for 3 years. Friends, for these examinations, more than thousands of examination centers are made from place to place all over the country. Out of which examinations are conducted in more than 12 languages.

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What is the purpose of National Recruitment Agency?

Friends, this agency has only one main objective. That you take one Common Eligibility Test instead of multiple exams. So that youth can apply for every job. And he should not waste both his time and money by giving the exam again and again.

Conduct of examination by agencies-

Friends, so far only three examinations have been included in the NRA by the government. Like Railway, Banking and NCC but in coming time NRA will start for all types of government jobs. Friends, till now examinations were conducted by 20 agencies. But now for the Common Eligibility Test is conducted only by the National Recruitment Agency.

Benefits of National Recruitment Agency-

  • Friends, you will have to give only one Common Eligibility Test instead of all the exams.
  • Once you pass the CET, you will be able to take the exam for any government job for 3 years.
  • Friends, more than a thousand examination centers will be built all over the country.
  • Now you have to go to your district only to take the exam.
  • Friends, due to this, now the institutions taking the examination will not be able to do their arbitrariness.
  • Friends, in this, a lot of money will be saved from wasting the government’s examinations.
  • Friends, everything will be online for you till the exam and merit list comes.

Features of National Recruitment Agency-

  • Friends NRA will be started first for Railways, Banking and NCC.
  • Friends, all your 10th 12th and graduation exams will be taken separately in this.
  • And friends NRA will do your CET twice a day.
  • Friends, do you know, Rs 1517 crore will be spent by the government for the National Recruitment Agency.
  • And you will be given more security in the exam centres.
  • And after your Common Eligibility Test is done, its result will also be informed to you very soon.

Some important things related to the National Recruitment Examination-

  • Friends, for this head quarter will be made inside Delhi.
  • And you will be able to take the exam in full 12 regional languages.
  • Friends, within 1 year, two examinations will be conducted under the National Recruitment Examination.
  • ¬†Friends, the examination of the application will be made inside your district itself.
  • And no age relaxation will be given to the candidate.
  • And no changes will be made to your fees. You have to pay the same fee now as you used to pay earlier.
  • Friends, in the CIT exam merit list will be valid for 3 years.


Friends, today I told you what is National Recruitment Agency, and what is its purpose and important things related to it etc. Have told you, if you like our information, then you must share it with your friends further.



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