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What Is Apprentice? Types of Apprenticeship

What Is Apprentice? Types of Apprenticeship – Today technology is increasing so much due to which the demand of Apprentice is also increasing day by day. All of you must have heard any person talking about apprenticeship at some point or the other, and anyway, one gets to hear about apprenticeship on TV channels, newspapers and internet websites every day.

After which many questions related to apprentice arise in our mind like what is apprentice? How to apply for this? If all these questions are coming in your mind and you want to get the answer of yourself, then you need to read this article till the end without stopping because in this article today I am going to tell you the important information related to Apprenticeship in detail.

What Is Apprentice?

To do any work, it is very necessary to have experience about it. Apprenticeship is one such training program. In which proper training is provided to the candidate to do the work properly. So that the candidate can get experience of working in industries.

During Apprenticeship, along with written information, practical knowledge is also provided to the candidate so that the skill of doing that work can be improved further. For your information, let us tell you that its class does not look like other classes. Rather, the candidate has to work as a one-time tax in the plant of the industry.

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Types of Apprenticeship

Apprentice is divided into the following parts based on the point of view of government or non-government bodies such as-

Graduate Apprenticeship- Under this, only the candidates who have completed their graduation in technical field are given training under the Graduate Apprenticeship Program.

Technical Apprenticeship

Through this apprenticeship, training is mostly imparted to the students doing diploma in the field of polytechnic and engineering. There are chances of getting many job options for the students getting training under this apprenticeship.

Trade Apprenticeship- This is an apprenticeship program organized by Indian Railways in which IIT students participate. Some of which programs are absolutely free and some programs have to be paid for.

How Long Is the apprenticeship?

Although apprenticeship can range from 3 months to 4 years, but most of the industries provide apprenticeship training program for students from 6 months to 1 year only.

What is the age limit to do Apprenticeship Training?

Apprenticeship training is allowed to the youth of 16 years. So if you are above 16 years then you can take apprenticeship training.

What type of training is provided in Apprentice?

In this, many types of training are given to the candidate so that he can improve his work and he can get good nectar. The training that is given to the apprentices is done in the following way like-

  • Sheet Metal Worker
  • Technician
  • Tool & Die Maker
  • Tractor Machemic
  • Gas Cutter
  • Mechanic (All Types)
  • optical worker
  • pipe fitter
  • welder
  • Wireman etc.


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