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Web Technology (NCS- 504)

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Syllabus of Web Technology (NCS- 504)

I. Introduction: Introduction and Web Development Strategies, History of Web and Internet, Protocols governing Web, Writing Web Projects, Connecting to Internet, Introduction to Internet services and tools, Introduction to client-server computing. Core Java: Introduction, Operator, Data type, Variable, Arrays, Methods & Classes, Inheritance, Package and Interface, Exception Handling, Multithread programming, I/O, Java Applet, String handling, Event handling, Introduction to AWT, AWT controls, Layout managers.

II. Web Page Designing:  HTML: list, table, images, frames, forms, CSS, Document type definition, XML: DTD, XML schemes, Object Models, presenting and using XML, Using XML Processors: DOM and SAX, Dynamic HTML.

III. Scripting:  Java script: Introduction, documents, forms, statements, functions, objects; introduction to AJAX, VB Script, Introduction to Java Beans, Advantage, Properties, BDK, Introduction to EJB, Java Beans API.

IV Server Site Programming:  . Introduction to active server pages (ASP), Introduction to Java Server Page (JSP), JSP Application Design, JSP objects, Conditional Processing, Declaring variables and methods, Sharing data between JSP pages, Sharing Session and Application Data, Database Programming using JDBC, development of java beans in JSP, Introduction to Servelets, Lifecycle, JSDK, Servlet API, Servlet Packages, Introduction to COM/DCOM/CORBA.

V. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor):  Introduction, syntax, variables, strings, operators, if-else, loop, switch, array, function, form, mail, file upload, session, error, exception, filter, PHP-ODBC,

Text books:

1. Burdman, Jessica, “Collaborative Web Development” Addison Wesley

2. Xavier, C, “ Web Technology and Design” , New Age International

3. Ivan Bayross,” HTML, DHTML, Java Script, Perl & CGI”, BPB Publication

4. Bhave, “Programming with Java”, Pearson Education

5. Herbert Schieldt, “The Complete Reference:Java”, TMH. 6. Hans Bergsten, “Java Server Pages”, SPD O’Reilly

6. Ullman, “PHP for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide”, Pearson Education

7. Margaret Levine Young, “The Complete Reference Internet”, TMH

8. Naughton, Schildt, “The Complete Reference JAVA2”, TMH

9. Balagurusamy E, “Programming in JAVA”, TMH


1. Ramesh Bangia, “Internet and Web Design” , New Age International

2. Ivan Bayross,” HTML, DHTML, Java Script, Perl & CGI”, BPB Publication

3. Deitel, “Java for programmers”, Pearson Education

4. Chris Bates, “Web Programing Building Internet Applications”, 2nd Edition, WILEY, Dreamtech

5. Joel Sklar , “Principal of web Design” Vikash and Thomas Learning 6. Horstmann, “CoreJava”, Addison Wesley


A Helpful Resource for An Engineer.

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