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Top Five UK Universities for Mechanical Engineering

5 Best Colleges For Mechanical Engineering In UK – Build machinery in the study of mechanical engineering, giving information about machine design and use of machines. Every year many students from India go to UK to study Mechanical Engineering. If you also want to study Mechanical Engineering by going to UK, then in this article we are going to give you information about 5 best colleges for Mechanical Engineering in UK.

Mechanical Engineering is considered to be the most popular branch for the job purpose. Students of Mechanical Engineering branch get good placement and experience as well as good salary. There are many employment opportunities available in this field. Good educational facilities and world class teaching are provided in UK universities and colleges, which makes it easy for the students to make their career there.

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Many European Union students go to UK colleges to study Mechanical Engineering and from there get placements in the country’s best private and government machinery companies. Every year many students from India also enroll in UK colleges to study Mechanical Engineering and make their career. Now we are going to inform you about 5 best colleges for Mechanical Engineering in UK.

Top Five UK Universities for Mechanical Engineering

1. Imperial College Of London

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College of London is ranked first by The Guardian and second by Times University Guide. Imperial College works with many big industries to provide mechanical engineering students with all the equipment and facilities so that they can easily understand all the functions and principles. The facility of doing post graduate from Mechanical Engineering is also available in Imperial College.

Imperial College is considered to be the best college in London where Mechanical Engineering is well studied. Here world class labs have been made for practical work, in which good equipment has been kept so that any student can use it easily. Apart from this, world class teaching is also done here, which is seen far ahead when compared to any other UK college.

2. University Of Bath

To provide good facilities and better research to the students of University of Bath Mechanical Engineering, keep in touch with big industries. Under Mechanical Engineering, this university offers MSc in Automotive Engineering, Engineering Design, Innovation and Technology Management, Mechatronics and Integrated Mechanical and Electrical (Hons) courses. You can choose any course as per your convenience and learn well through the world class teaching of this college.

3. University Of Leeds

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Leeds won the Queen’s Anniversary Price in 2009 for superior engineering and technology services. This university offers Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering courses in different branches. In the University of Leeds, more than 1000 students from more than 65 countries of the world study Mechanical Engineering here.

4. University Of Bristol

The University of Bristol is counted among the best Mechanical Engineering colleges in the UK. More than 2500 undergraduate and more than 700 post graduate students study in this university. Here all the students doing undergraduate engineering courses are sent for 1 year industry training and 1 year abroad for studies.

Both these things are important to complete the undergraduate course at the University of Bristol. This university comes in the list of 10 best colleges in UK. Here the course of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Engineering in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is conducted.

5. Loughborough University

Engineering studies are conducted at Loughborough University since 1909. Apart from this, facility of industry training is also available here. Talking about placements, this college has about 15% more placements than any other college or university in the UK. 94% of the students who graduate from here get a job in less than 6 months.

The facilities of education in this university are very good and the teachers here explain well about any topic, apart from this top class labs have been made for practical work and different types of equipment have been kept in it. Only after taking admission in the first year will you get an opportunity to experiment with the best equipment in the lab.

This information has been received by the student doing M.Tech from the university. In this university, the facility of doing Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Science from Mechanical Engineering branch is available.

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