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Requirement for Engineering Courses

Engineering is one of the most sought out courses by students after 12th. But is it possible for everyone to pursue engineering? Can anyone become an engineering graduate? Well, that is what we will discuss further. Lets check out Requirement for Engineering Courses.

Engineering Courses

An important factor that is applicable in all institutions is that you should have completed your school education and should have a grade 12 marksheet and pass certificate.

Now, passing the grade 12 examination alone is not enough to be eligible to get admission in engineering courses in an institute. The requirement for engineering courses or the eligibility for engineering courses is not a generic term. It depends on the college that you are applying for in most of the cases. And at many times, it is specific to the college. If you want to make it to the elite colleges of our country that includes the IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), NITs (National Institute of Technology, IIITs (Indian Institute of Information Technology) BITS Pilani, etc., then you have to clear the cut-off that will be decided by these institutions.

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The cut-off marks for all the above mentioned elite colleges varies every year. It depends on how well the students who have attempted the entrance examination in that particular year have scored. Most of these institutions have cut-offs depending on the category of students. The students who write the exam are categorised by their income basis and on their caste. Depending on the marks scored by students in each of the categories, the cut-off marks for each category will be fixed and the students who clear the cut-off marks in the entrance exams will be considered eligible for the colleges.

Most of the states have common state entrance exams for their engineering colleges. The rule remains the same for the state exams also. There are cut-off marks decided based on the marks scored by the students attending the exam and the students who came in the ranks will be eligible.

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There are some colleges that conduct their own entrance exams. Private institutions that conduct their own entrance exams include SRM, VIT, etc. Most of these institutes will have a common filtering method. In some cases, the colleges have another filtering method for the students coming from the same state called the state quota. This gives an edge or an advantage for the students who have written the exams for a particular college after having completed their higher secondary school education from the same state the college is located in.

There are some other colleges that conduct the admission process or the student filtering process based on the marks the students have scored in the 12th. Some institutes check the totals marks whereas some institutes will check the marks scored by the students in the 3 subjects, Maths, Physics and Chemistry alone. They will have a predetermined cut-off for the average of these marks and the cut-off may be increased depending upon the requirement.

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The major eligibility criteria for the requirement for engineering courses have been discussed above. You can get to know more about the cut-off scores by searching for the specific colleges or for the specific exams.