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Introduction to refrigeration system, Methods of refrigeration, Carnot refrigeration cycle, Unit of
refrigeration, Refrigeration effect & C.O.P.
Air Refrigeration cycle:
Open and closed air refrigeration cycles, Reversed Carnot cycle, Bell Coleman or Reversed Joule air
refrigeration cycle, Aircraft refrigeration system, Classification of aircraft refrigeration system. Boot strap
refrigeration, Regenerative, Reduced ambient, Dry air rated temperature (DART).

Vapour Compression System:
Single stage system, Analysis of vapour compression cycle, Use of T-S and P-H charts, Effect of change
in suction and discharge pressures on C.O.P, Effect of sub cooling of condensate & superheating of
refrigerant vapour on C.O.P of the cycle, Actual vapour compression refrigeration cycle, Multistage
vapour compression system requirement, Removal of flash gas, Intercooling, Different configuration of
multistage system, Cascade system.

Vapour Absorption system;
Working Principal of vapour absorption refrigeration system, Comparison between absorption &
compression systems, Elementary idea of refrigerant absorbent mixtures, Temperature – concentration
diagram & Enthalpy – concentration diagram , Adiabatic mixing of two streams, Ammonia – Water
vapour absorption system, Lithium- Bromide water vapour absorption system, Comparison. Three
fluid system.

Classification of refrigerants, Nomenclature, Desirable properties of refrigerants, Common refrigerants,
Secondary refrigerants and CFC free refrigerants. Ozone layer depletion and global warming
considerations of refrigerants

Air Conditioning:
Introduction to air conditioning, Psychometric properties and their definitions, Psychometric chart,
Different Psychometric processes, Thermal analysis of human body, Effective temperature and comfort
chart, Cooling and heating load calculations, Selection of inside & outside design conditions, Heat
transfer through walls & roofs, Infiltration & ventilation, Internal heat gain, Sensible heat factor ( SHF ),
By pass factor, Grand Sensible heat factor ( GSHF), Apparatus dew point (ADP). Air Washers, Cooling
towers & humidifying efficiency.

Refrigeration Equipment & Application:
Elementary knowledge of refrigeration & air conditioning equipmentse.g compressors, condensers,
evaporators & expansion devices, Food preservation, Cold storage, Refrigerates Freezers, Ice plant, Water
coolers, Elementary knowledge of transmission and distribution of air through ducts and fans, Basic
difference between comfort and industrial air conditioning.

1. Refrigeration and Air conditioning by C.P Arora, McGraw-Hill
2. Refrigeration and Air conditioning, by Manohar Prasad, New Age International (P) Ltd.Pub.
3. Refrigeration and Air conditioning by R. C. Arora, PHI
4. Principles of Refrigeration by Roy J. Dossat. Pearson Education
5. Refrigeration and Air conditioning by stoecker& Jones. McGraw-Hill
7. Refrigeration and Air conditioning by Arora&Domkundwar. DhanpatRai
7. Thermal Environment Engg. byKuhen, Ramsey &Thelked.


A Helpful Resource for An Engineer.

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