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UNIT-I: Introduction:
Definition and scope of operations research (OR), OR model, solving the OR model, art of
modeling, phases of OR study.
Linear Programming: Two variable Linear Programming model and Graphical method of
solution, Simplex method, Dual Simplex method, special cases of Linear Programming, duality,
sensitivity analysis.
Total Lectures required =9
UNIT-II : Transportation Problems:
Types of transportation problems, mathematical models, transportation algorithms,
Assignment: Allocation and assignment problems and models, processing of job through
Total Lectures required =8
UNIT-III : Network Teachniques:
Shortest path model, minimum spanning Tree Problem, Max-Flow problem and Min-cost
problem. Project Management: Phases of project management, guidelines for network
construction, CPM and PERT.
Total Lectures required =8
UNIT-IV: Theory of Games: ; Rectangular games, Minima theorem, graphical solution of 2 x n
or m x 2 games, game with mixed strategies, reduction to linear programming model.
Quality Systems: Elements of Queuing model, generalized poisson queuing model, single
server models.
Total Lectures required =9
UNIT-V: Inventory Control
Models of inventory, operation of inventory system, quantity discount., Replacement,
Replacement models: Equipments that deteriorate with time, equipments that fail with time.
Total Lectures required =8
Grand Grand Total Lectures required =42

Text / Reference Books:
1. Wayne L. Winston,”Operations Research” Thomson Learning,2003.
2. Hamdy H. Taha, “Operations Research-An Introduction” Pearson Education,2003.
3. R. Panneer Seevam, “Operations Research” PHI Learning, 2008.
4. V.K.Khanna, “Total Quality Management” New Age International, 2008.

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