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Credits: Priyanshi ( ME, ABESEC )

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Syllabus of MACHINE DESIGN-II (NME-602)

Principle of transmission and conjugate action
Spur Gears
Tooth forms, System of gear teeth, contact ratio, Standard proportions of gear systems, Interference in
involute gears, Backlash, Selection of gear materials, Gear manufacturing methods, Design considerations,
Beam strength of gear tooth, Dynamic tooth load, Wear strength of gear tooth, Failure of gear tooth,
Design of spur gears, AGMA and Indian standards.

Helical Gears
Terminology, Proportions for helical gears, Forces components on a tooth of helical gear, Virtual number
of teeth, Beam strength& wear strength of helical gears, Dynamic load on helical gears, Design of helical

Bevel gears
Terminology of bevel gears, Force analysis, Virtual number of teeth, Beam strength and wear strength of
bevel gears,Effective load of gear tooth, Design of a bevel gear system.

Worm Gears
Types of worms, Terminology, Gear tooth proportions, Efficiency of worm gears, Heat dissipation in
worm gearing, Strength and wear tooth load for worm gears, Design of worm gearing system.

Sliding Contact Bearing
Types, Selection of bearing, Plain journal bearing, Hydrodynamic lubrication, Properties and materials,
Lubricants and lubrication, Hydrodynamic journal bearing, Heat generation, Design of journal bearing,
Thrust bearing-pivot and collar bearing, Hydrodynamic thrust bearing,

Rolling Contact Bearing
Advantages and disadvantages, Types of ball bearing, Thrust ball bearing, Types of roller bearing,
Selection of radial ball bearing, Bearing life, Selection of roller bearings, Dynamic equivalent load for
roller contact bearing under constant and variable loading, Reliability of Bearing, Selection of rolling
contact bearing, Lubrication of ball and roller bearing, Mounting of bearing

IC ENGINE parts,
Selection of type of IC engine, General design considerations, Design of cylinder and cylinder head;
Design of piston and its parts like piston ring and gudgeon pin etc.; Design of connecting rod; Design of

Note: Design data book is allowed in the examination

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3. Machine Design, U C Jindal, Pearson Eductaion.
4. Design of Machine Elements, Sharma and Purohit, PHI.
5. Design of Machine Eesign-M.F. Spott, Pearson Eductaion
6. Machine Design-Maleev and Hartman, CBS Publishers.
7. Mechanical Engineering Design, 9e – Joseph E. Shigely, McGraw Hill Education.
9. Elements of Machine Component Design, Juvinal&Marshek, John Wiley & Sons.


A Helpful Resource for An Engineer.

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