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Syllabus of MACHINE DESIGN-I (NME-501)

UNIT I Introduction Definition, Design requirements of machine elements, Design procedure, Standards in design, Selection of preferred sizes, Indian Standards designation of carbon & alloy steels, Selection of materials for static and fatigue loads.

Design for Static Load Modes of failure, Factor of safety, Principal stresses, Stresses due to bending and torsion, Theory of failure.

UNIT II Design for Fluctuating Loads Cyclic stresses, Fatigue and endurance limit, Stress concentration factor, Stress concentration factor for various machine parts, Notch sensitivity, Design for finite and infinite life, Soderberg, Goodman & Gerber criteria.

Riveted Joints Riveting methods, materials, Types of rivet heads, Types of riveted joints, Caulking and Fullering, Failure of riveted joint, Efficiency of riveted joint, Design of boiler joints, Eccentric loaded riveted joint.

UNIT III Shafts Cause of failure in shafts, Materials for shaft, Stresses in shafts, Design of shafts subjected to twisting moment, bending moment and combined twisting and bending moments, Shafts subjected to fatigue loads, Design for rigidity.

Keys and Couplings Types of keys, splines, Selection of square & flat keys, Strength of sunk key, Couplings, Design of rigid and flexible couplings.

UNIT IV Mechanical Springs Types, Material for helical springs, End connections for compression and tension helical springs, Stresses and deflection of helical springs of circular wire, Design of helical springs subjected to static and fatigue loading.

Power Screws Forms of threads, multiple threads, Efficiency of square threads, Trapezoidal threads, Stresses in screws, Design of screw jack

Note: Design data book is allowed in the examination

Books and References:

1. Design of Machine Elements,V.B. Bhandari, Tata McGraw Hill Co.

2. Machine Design-Sharma and Agrawal, S.K. Kataria& Sons.

3. Machine Design, U C Jindal, Pearson Eductaion.

4. Design of Machine Elements, Sharma and Purohit, PHI.

5. Design of Machine Elements-M.F. Spott, Pearson Eductaion


A Helpful Resource for An Engineer.

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