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a. Combustion in CI engines

b. Combustion in SI engines

c. Design Problems

d. I.C Engines notes

e. Methods of reducing detonation

f. Mixtyre requirements

g. Pre ignition and detonation

h. QIP-ICE-17-combustion in SI engines

i. Scavenging Process in two stroke Engine notes

j. Scavenging Process in two stroke Engine II

k. Supercharged engine

l. Supercharging notes

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Introduction to I.C Engines: Engine classification and basic terminology, Two and four stroke engines, SI
and CI engines, Valve timing diagram.
Thermodynamic analysis of Air standard cycles, Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, Dual cycle, Stirling cycle,
Ericsson cycles, Comparison of Otto, Diesel and Dual cycles
Fuel air cycle, factors affecting the fuel air cycle, Actual cycle.

SI Engines: Combustion in SI engine, Flame speed, Ignition delay, Abnormal combustion and it’s control,
combustion chamber design for SI engines.
Carburetion, Mixture requirements, Carburetors and fuel injection system in SI Engine
Ignition system requirements, Magneto and battery ignition systems, ignition timing and spark plug,
Electronic ignition, Scavenging in 2 Stroke engines, Supercharging and its effect

CI Engine: Combustion in CI engines, Ignition delay, Knock and it’s control, Combustion chamber design
of CI engines.
Fuel injection in CI engines, Requirements, Types of injection systems, Fuel pumps, Fuel injectors,
Injection timings
Exhaust emissions from SI engine and CI engine and it’s control

Engine Cooling and Lubrication: Different cooling systems, Radiators and cooling fans, Engine friction,
Lubrication principle, Type of lubrication, Lubrication oils, Crankcase ventilation.
Fuels: Fuels for SI and CI engine , Important qualities of SI and CI engine fuels, Rating of SI engine and
CI engine fuels, Dopes, Additives, Gaseous fuels, LPG, CNG, Biogas, Producer gas, Alternative fuels for
IC engines.
Testing and Performance: Performance parameters, Basic measurements, Blow by measurement, Testing
of SI and CI engines

Unit V
Compressors: Classification, Reciprocating compressors, Single and Multi stage compressors,
Intercooling, Volumetric efficiency.
Rotary compressors, Classification, Centrifugal compressor , Axial compressors, Surging and stalling,
Roots blower, Vaned compressor.

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2. Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engines by H.N. Gupta, Prentice Hall of India
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9. Engineering Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engines by W.W. Pulkrabek,,Pearson Eductaion


A Helpful Resource for An Engineer.

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