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How To Prepare For PCS Exam?

How To Prepare For PCS Exam? – Friends, today I will tell you. How to prepare for PCS exam. Friends, the PCS exam is organized by the states. And it is a kind of state civil service examination. It is done in every state of India. And this post comes under the state government. Friends, those who are successful in this examination get priority and pride in the society.

Friends, if you prepare for this exam by planning. So you too will be able to prepare for it, and you too will be able to crack this exam quickly. So today I will give you all the information related to this. What things or what things you have to keep in mind for your preparation. If you want to know more, then read our complete article.

How To Prepare For PCS Exam?

Friends, you have to work hard to prepare for PCS exam. Friends, if you are ready for hard work, then you can prepare for PCS. Friends, if you make a good and right plan. If you prepare for it, then you will be successful in this paper very soon. Today I will tell you some such methods. With the help of which you can clear this paper quickly. Those methods are as follows-

State Related Information

What state do you live in friend? Or the state for which you are appearing for the exam. Friends, you have to take care of all the things related to that state. You should have all the information about that state. You should know about its history, geography. For this, you can study the authentic books of general knowledge history and geography of your state. And try to know the information of your state as much as you can. This can be of great use to you.

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Latest Developments

Friends, to prepare you for this. If possible, you should watch the news channel daily. And try that you read the newspaper daily. This will prepare you very well. And also keep a good knowledge of the latest developments and the topics of international developments. So that you will not face any problem later.

Read NCERT Books

Friends, try to study NCERT books. Because it contains very good and accurate information. Which will be of great use to you. And you can also prepare for your PCS by highlighting the things inside it or by making your own notes.

Hindi Question Paper

Friends, I would like to tell you. That one Hindi question paper comes for PCS exam. In this question paper, you are asked questions related to synonyms, antonyms, idioms, proverbs, word forms and society. If you also want to score good marks in these questions. So you pay attention to your grammar, you should study well in grammar and get all the information.

Essay Practice

Friends, under PCS exam, you have to write three essays in three sections of the candidate. Through this assess the ability of the candidate to understand. In this, you would have to write an essay of 700 words. on some subject. If you want to get good marks in it. So you should practice writing essay daily. Only then you can bring your good numbers inside it.

Solve Previous Years Question Papers

Friends to get good numbers. You must solve your previous years question papers. Inside it you find very important questions. This is the best way for you.


Friends, today I told you. That’s how you can prepare for PCS exam. If you face any problem regarding this. So you can ask us by commenting. If you like our information. So you must share it further.



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