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Syllabus of HEAT & MASS TRANSFER (NME-504)

UNIT-1 Introduction to Heat Transfer: Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer. Modes of Heat Transfer: Conduction, convection and radiation. Effect of temperature on thermal conductivity of materials; Introduction to combined heat transfer mechanism.

Conduction : General differential heat conduction equation in the rectangular, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems.Initial and boundary conditions.

Steady State one-dimensional Heat conduction : Simple and Composite Systems in rectangular, cylindrical and spherical coordinates with and without energy generation; Concept of thermal resistance.Analogy between heat and electricity flow; Thermal contact resistance and over all heat transfer coefficient; Critical radius of insulation.

UNIT-2 Fins: Heat transfer from extended surfaces, Fins of uniform cross-sectional area; Errors of measurement of temperature in thermometer wells.

Transient Conduction: Transient heat conduction; Lumped capacitance method; Time constant; Unsteady state heat conduction in one dimension only, Heisler charts.

UNIT-3 Forced Convection: Basic concepts; Hydrodynamic boundary layer; Thermal boundary layer; Approximate integral boundary layer analysis; Analogy between momentum and heat transfer in turbulent flow over a flat surface; Mixed boundary layer; Flow over a flat plate; Flow across a single cylinder and a sphere; Flow inside ducts; Thermal entrance region, Empirical heat transfer relations; Relation between fluid friction and heat transfer; Liquid metal heat transfer.

Natural Convection : Physical mechanism of natural convection; Buoyant force; Empirical heat transfer relations for natural convection over vertical planes and cylinders, horizontal plates and cylinders, and sphere, Combined free and forced convection.

UNIT-4 Thermal Radiation : Basic radiation concepts; Radiation properties of surfaces; Black body radiation Planck’s law, Wein’s displacement law, Stefan Boltzmann law, Kirchoff’s law; ; Gray body; Shape factor; Black-body radiation; Radiation exchange between diffuse non black bodies in an enclosure; Radiation shields; Radiation combined with conduction and convection; Absorption and emission in gaseous medium; Solar radiation; Green house effect.

UNIT-5 Heat Exchanger : Types of heat exchangers; Fouling factors; Overall heat transfer coefficient; Logarithmic mean temperature difference (LMTD) method; Effectiveness-NTU method; Compact heat exchangers.

Condensation and Boiling: Introduction to condensation phenomena; Heat transfer relations for laminar film condensation on vertical surfaces and on outside & inside of a horizontal tube; Effect of non-condensable gases; Dropwise condensation; Heat pipes; Boiling modes, pool boiling; Hysteresis in boiling curve; Forced convection boiling.

Introduction to Mass Transfer: Introduction; Fick’s law of diffusion; Steady state equimolar counter diffusion; Steady state diffusion though a stagnant gas film.


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A Helpful Resource for An Engineer.

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