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Manish Mangal  (M.Tech.| Assistant Professor (Mechanical Engineering Department)

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Syllabus of FLUID MACHINERY (NME-021)

Introduction: Impulse of Jet and Impulse Turbines:
Classification of Fluid Machines & Devices, Application of momentum and moment of
momentum equation to flow through hydraulic machinery, Euler’s fundamental
equation.Introduction to hydrodynamic thrust of jet on a fixed and moving surface (flat &
curve),Classification of turbines, Impulse turbines, Constructional details, Velocity
triangles,Power and efficiency calculations, Governing of Pelton wheel

Reaction Turbines:
Francis and Kaplan turbines, Constructional details, Velocity triangles, Power andefficiency
calculations, Degree of reaction, Draft tube, Cavitation in turbines, Principlesof similarity, Unit
and specific speed, Performance characteristics, Selection of waterturbines.

Centrifugal Pumps:
Classifications of centrifugal pumps, Vector diagram, Work done by impellor, Efficienciesof
centrifugal pumps, Specific speed, Cavitation & separation, Performance characteristics.

Positive Displacement and other Pumps:
Reciprocating pump theory, Slip, Indicator diagram, Effect of acceleration, air vessels,
Comparison of centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, Performance characteristics.
Hydraulic ram, Jet pumps, Air lift pumps.

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2. Hydraulic Machines by K Subramanya, Tata McGraw Hill
3. Fluid Mechanics and Machinery by C.S.P.Ojha, R. Berndtsson, P.N. Chandramouli,
Oxford University Press
4. Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Engineering by D S Kumar, S K Kataria& Sons
5. Fluid Mechanics and Turbo machines by Das, PHI
6. Fluid Power with Applications, by Esposito, Pearson
7. Fluid Mechanics and hydraulic machines by Modi& Seth, Standard Book House
8. Fundamentals of Turbomachinery by Venkanna B.K., PHI
9. Hydraulic Machines: Theory & Design, V.P.Vasandhani, Khanna Pub.


A Helpful Resource for An Engineer.

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