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Engineering Resume Cover Letter

You might wonder why should someone put in a lot of effort in writing a cover letter that the recruiters might not even read. Well, that is a wrong assumption that many students have that recruiters don’t read your cover letters. Recruiters from good companies do go through your cover
letters. Even if they don’t read it initially, when the candidates are shortlisted after an interview and they had to select say some 3 out of 10, cover letter plays an important role here

Engineering Resume Cover Letter
Download Engineering Resume Cover Letter One

I believe that you are an optimist who hopes to make it to the final round of the interview process and make it to this stage where cover letters also play an important role. So, let us check how to write that small letter that could give you an edge over the others who have been shortlisted for the role that you have applied

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So, first the salutation. We usually go for dear sir/madam. But it would be a lot better if you could take the trouble of finding the person who checks your CV and cover letters and address them by name. It gives them a feeling that you have done some research on the company and the job profile.

Engineering Resume Cover Letter Two
Download Engineering Resume Cover Letter Two

The next comes the opening para of the cover letter. Mention the reason why you have chosen this particular job in the company. Tell them why you chose them out of the many available choices in front of you. All engineers rarely make it to core companies. Many of them end up in IT service providers. So, in such cases it is always important that you mention why you have applied for the job after getting graduation in a non-IT background. Even if you have applied for many other companies, make them feel that you are genuinely applying for the job and it is not a trial.

Engineering Resume Cover Letter Three
Download Engineering Resume Cover Letter Three

Tell them why they should pick you. Well, this part is similar to that of a resume where you mention your skills and your experience. But in a cover letter you have an advantage over a resume. In the resume, you have to keep it short. But a cover letter is actually a letter. So, you can be little descriptive here about your skills and experience like how you talk in an interview. Don’t forget that it is a formal letter and elongate it too much that the person at the other end loses interest in your cover letter.

Language is a key in writing a cover letter that will get you the job. Give a positive feel to the recruiter. Take the as a formal conversation that will keep the person engaged and interested at the same time and mention all the reason why you will be the perfect person that they need now.

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End it in a positive note. It could a simple line like “I am awaiting your response”. It is a good ending at the same time stressing the note that you want to hear back from them. This would be good for an ideal engineering resume cover letter also.


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