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Unit – I
Relativistic Mechanics 06 Hrs.
Inertial & non-inertial frames, Michelson- Morley experiment, Einsteins postulates, Lorentz
transformation equations, Length contraction & Time dilation, Addition of velocities; Variation of mass
with velocity, Mass energy equivalence.
Unit – II 06 Hrs.
Modern Physics
Wave Mechanics: Wave- particle duality, de-Broglie matter waves, Phase and Group velocities,
Davisson-Germer experiment, Heisenberg uncertainty principle and its applications, Wave function and
its significance, Schrödinger’s wave equation – particle in one dimensional potential box, Eigen values
and Eigen function.
Unit – III 10 Hrs.
Wave Optics
Interference: Interference of light, Interference in thin films (parallel and wedge shaped film), Newton’s
Diffraction: Single, double and N- Slit Diffraction, Diffraction grating, Grating spectra, dispersive
power, Rayleigh’s criterion and resolving power of grating.
Polarization: Phenomena of double refraction, Nicol prism, Production and analysis of plane, circular
and elliptical polarized light, Retardation Plate.
Unit – IV 08 Hrs.
Modern Optics
Laser: Spontaneous and stimulated emission of radiation, population inversion, concept of 3 and 4 level
Laser, construction and working of Ruby, He-Ne lasers and laser applications.
Fiber Optics: Fundamental ideas about optical fiber, Propagation mechanism, Acceptance angle and
cone, Numerical aperture, Single and Multi Mode Fibers
Holography: Basic Principle of Holography, Construction and reconstruction of Image on hologram and
applications of holography.

Reference Books:
1. Concepts of Modern Physics – Aurthur Beiser (Mc-Graw Hill)
2. Introduction to Special theory of – Robert Resnick – Wielly
3. Optical Fibre & Laser – Anuradha De. ( New Age )
4. Optics –Aloy Ghatak ( Tata McGraw Hill Education Private Ltd. New Delhi)
5. Optics – Brijlal & Subramanian (S. Chand )
6. Applied Physics for Engineers- Neeraj Mehta (PHI Learning, New Delhi)


A Helpful Resource for An Engineer.

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