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How Engineering Colleges are Gearing up for Kochi Smart City

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In the last 15 years, there has been a shift in the education sector of Kerala. The recent Kerala Plus Two Result showed an increase in the overall pass percentage of the engineering (PCM) students.  Previously, only the best students would apply and take the seat for the engineering degrees. At that time, the students would take up engineering not just because of passion and interest, it was a matter of pride and prestige that came along with the degree. As the world has opened up to the Internet in the last 15 years, there had to be a shift towards the engineering colleges. Now, the colleges have started to have more enrollments than ever, showing that it’s not just the best students there.

With the upcoming Smart City Kochi, the government of Kerala aims to make Kochi the IT hub of the South. This shall give rise to bigger and better opportunities for the public in terms of transport, connectivity, and other supplies. The Sands Infinit, a planned twin tower project, is to be the tallest twin tower in entire South India. This Smart City project estimates to provide 90,000+ jobs to the people of Kerala.

Engineering colleges have already started to get the students ready for the ‘new’ Kochi. With foreign investment coming to settle there, the universities are trying to get the best jobs for their students. The planned Kochi is to be ready by 2022 and by then, the unemployment amongst the engineering students should also go down. 

The Government of Kerala wants to make Kochi the hub of IT and e-commerce startups. This will help to provide a better quality of life there and be able to provide more and more jobs. Engineers have a big role to play here, as the city aims to be more technology forward than ever, engineers have to gear up and get to work.

All the more, Kerala is the only state in India to be 100% literate. This was made possible because of the steps taken by the government at the right time. During the 1960s, China started to drop bombs along the Himalayan border and thus, successive famines broke out, destroying the average Indian homes. At that time, deaths due to malnutrition and starvation were not uncommon. The ruling government of that time announced the mid-day meal program. Under this program, students were provided with a free meal who were enrolled in Government Primary Schools. In addition, this meal still maintains a standard of at least 300 calories with 8-12 grams of protein, for a minimum of 200 days in a year.

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This move by the government made a significant change in the enrollment of students. Children normally work in plantations, factories and other such places now migrated to schools in search of food. The natural human instinct of not being hungry triggered by the government made this dream come true; and today, Kerala stands tall and proud.

Moreover, Kerala has a sex ratio of 1.084, 1084 females per 1000 males. This makes it the only state in the country to have more females than males. Thus, giving us an insight into how women are respected there, unlike some other states. Like always, literacy is the key to such a development.


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