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Molecular orbital theory and its applications in diatomic molecules. Band theory of solids.
Lequid crystals. Application of liquid crystals. Types of unit cell, space lattice (only cubes), Bragg’s
equation. Calculation of density of unit cell. One and two dimensional imperfections in solids. Structure
and applications of Graphite and Fullerenes.
Polymers, its classification and their applications. Chain and Step growth polymerization.
Thermoplastic and Thermosetting resins. Elastomers and synthetic fibres. Conducting and biodegradable
polymers. General methods of synthesis of organometallic compound (Grignard Reagent) and their
applications in polymerization and catalysis.
Stereochemistry with special reference to optical isomerism. Types of organic reactions with
special reference to elimination and substitution reaction. Elementary ideas and simple applications of
UV, Visible, IR and 1HNMR spectral Techniques.
Hardness of water. Disadvantage of hard water. Techniques for water softening; Calgon, Zeolite,
Lime-Soda, Ion exchange resin, Reverse osmosis. Water treatment method for boiler feed by internal
process. Phase Rule and its application to one component system (water and sulphur).
Fuels; Classification of fuels. Analysis of Coal. Determination of Calorific values. Biogas and
Biomass. Cement and its application. Plaster of paris. Lubricant. Corrosion; causes and prevention.

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