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Computer Networks (NCS-601)

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Syllabus of Computer Networks (NCS-601)

I Introduction Concepts: Goals and Applications of Networks, Network structure and 8 architecture, The OSI reference model, services, Network Topology Design – Delay Analysis, Back Bone Design, Local Access Network Design, Physical Layer Transmission Media, Switching methods, ISDN, Terminal Handling.

II Medium Access sub layer: Medium Access sub layer – Channel Allocations, LAN 8 protocols – ALOHA protocols – Overview of IEEE standards – FDDI. Data Link Layer – Elementary Data Link Protocols, Sliding Window protocols, Error Handling.

III Network Layer: Network Layer – Point – to Pont Networks, routing, Congestion control 8 Internetworking -TCP / IP, IP packet, IP address, IPv6.

IV Transport Layer: Transport Layer – Design issues, connection management, session 8 Layer-Design issues, remote procedure call. Presentation Layer-Design issues, Data compression techniques, cryptography – TCP – Window Management.

V Application Layer: Application Layer: File Transfer, Access and Management, Electronic 8 mail, Virtual Terminals, Other application. Example Networks – Internet and Public Networks.


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A Helpful Resource for An Engineer.

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