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Syllabus of COMPUTER GRAPHICS (NCS-403):

Unit – I
Introduction and Line Generation:Types of computer graphics, Graphic Displays- Random scan
displays, Raster scan displays, Frame buffer and video controller, Points and lines, Line drawing
algorithms, Circle generating algorithms, Mid pointcircle generating algorithm, and parallel
version of these algorithms.
Unit – II
Transformations:Basic transformation, Matrix representations and homogenous coordinates,
Composite transformations, Reflections and shearing.
Windowing and Clipping: Viewing pipeline, Viewing transformations, 2-D Clipping algorithms- Line clipping algorithms such as Cohen Sutherland line clipping algorithm, Liang Barsky
algorithm, Line clipping against non rectangular clip windows; Polygon clipping – Sutherland
Hodgeman polygon clipping, Weiler and Atherton polygon clipping, Curve clipping, Text
Unit – III
Three Dimensional: 3-D geometric primitives, 3-D Object representation, 3-D Transformation,
3-D viewing, projections, 3-D Clipping.
Unit – IV
Curves and Surfaces:Quadric surfaces, Spheres, Ellipsoid, Blobby objects, Introductory
concepts of Spline, Bspline and Bezier curves and surfaces.
Hidden Lines and Surfaces:Back Face Detection algorithm, Depth buffer method, A- buffer
method, Scan line method, basic illumination models– Ambient light, Diffuse reflection,
Specular reflection and Phong model, Combined approach, Warn model, Intensity Attenuation,
Color consideration, Transparency and Shadows.

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A Helpful Resource for An Engineer.

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