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Career Option after ITI, Courses, Job Opportunities: Career Option after ITI

Career Option after ITI , Courses, Job Opportunities: Career Option after ITI : ITI means Industrial Training Institute, which provides professional training to Indian students. Are established for the purpose of doing. These institutes have been set up under the Directorate General of Employment and Training, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and the Central Government.

Career Option after ITI

Career Option after ITI , Courses, Job Opportunities: Career Option after ITI

The main objective of these institutions is to develop a skilled workforce in India. There are several ITIs in both the public and private sectors to provide vocational training to students in India. National Business Certificate (NTC) is awarded to students after completing the course provided by ITI.

The main objective of ITI is to provide technical training to students from class VIII to class XII and prepare them for jobs. Once a student completes his or her course, there is a lot of scope to pursue a career after ITI.

Career Options After ITI

ITI courses are mainly of two types – first engineering course and second non-engineering course.
Engineering courses, which are based on technical concepts in engineering, mathematics, science and technology.
Non-engineering courses, which are not technical in nature. Soft skills are based on specific skills and knowledge in languages ​​and other fields.

Courses can be between six months to two years depending on the type and nature of the course. Top institutes (government and private institutes) screen students on the basis of written examinations and some private institutions enroll students through direct admission. These institutions provide students with the necessary skill sets and knowledge for a successful career after ITI.

Types of ITI Courses

In order to be successful in today’s time, any professional needs special skills and knowledge and must also know how to apply them. If you think that after taking ITI degree there is no further career or this degree or course is shorter than any other course, then it is your misconception.

In fact, students who have good skills and training have a better chance of getting jobs in the future than any other big degree holders. With their skills, they can make a good career after ITI. There are many career opportunities available for ITI students. These students can either opt for a large course or look for a job. Both these options are discussed below:

Diploma Courses

There are many engineering diploma courses available for those who have completed the ITI course. After taking the diploma engineering course, the skills of the students increase even more with a subject which helps them to make a better career ahead.

Specialized Short Term Courses

Advanced Training Institutes (ATI) provide special short term courses for ITI students. These courses run by ATI help in enhancing the skills of the students, who fulfill the job requirements in the relevant fields.
All India Trade Test (AITT):

Students can also choose this option after completing the ITI course. The All India Trade Test (AITT) is conducted every year by the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT). This competition is organized in 15 different trades every year.

Job Opportunities After ITI Courses

Jobs in Government Sector

There are many jobs for ITI students in the government sector. There are many options for making a career after ITI. Units of various government sectors (PSUs) such as: Railways, State Wise PWD, BSNL, IOCL, ONGC provide job opportunities for ITI students. ITI students can find job opportunities in the Indian Army, Indian Navy, BSF, CRPF and other paramilitary forces.

Jobs in Private Sector:

ITI students can also get jobs in private manufacturing and mechanical companies. These companies require skilled students according to their business requirements. Post ITI, the private sector provides a great opportunity for students to pursue a career.

Apart from these companies, ITI students can also find employment in agriculture, power generation and many other fields. There is also a huge demand for ITI course seekers in electronics, welding and air conditioners.

Job Opportunity in Foreign Countries

After completing the ITI course, students can also work abroad. Like India, many other countries are also facing a shortage of professionals who can provide support services. Fitter is one such example in which there are huge job opportunities at the international level. Therefore, there are excellent opportunities for those looking for a career after ITI in foreign countries as well.


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