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Basic Manufacturing Processes (NME-101/201)

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Syllabus of Basic Manufacturing Processes (NME-101/201)

Unit-I Engineering Materials
Materials and Civilization, their socio economic impact. Engineering Materials their classification and
applications. 1
Metals & Alloys: Properties and Applications
Mechanical Properties of Materials: Strength, elasticity, plasticity, stiffness, malleability, ductility,
brittleness, malleability, toughness, hardness, resilience, hardness, machine ability, formability, weld
ability. Elementary ideas of fracture fatigue & creep. 2
Steels and Cast Irons: Carbon steels, their classification based on percentage of carbon as low, mild,
medium & high carbon steel, their properties & applications. Wrought iron. Cast iron. Alloy steels:
stainless steel, tool steel. 2
Alloys of Non Ferrous Metals: Common uses of various non-ferrous metals (Copper, Zink, Tin,
Magnesium, Lead, Aluminum etc.) & alloys and its composition such as Cu-alloys: Brass, Bronze, Alalloys.
Unit-II Basic Metal Forming & Casting Processes.
Forming Processes: Basic metal forming operations & uses of such as: Forging, Rolling, Wire & Tubedrawing/making
and Extrusion, and their uses.
Press-work: Die & Punch assembly, cutting and forming, its applications.
Hot-working versus cold-working 4
Casting: Pattern: Materials, types and allowances. Type and composition of Molding sands and their
desirable properties. Mould making with the use of a core. Gating system. Casting defects & remedies.
Cupola Furnace. Die-casting and its uses. 3
Unit-III Machining and Welding Operations and their Applications
Machining: Basic principles of Lathe-machine and operations performed on it. Basic description of
machines and operations of Shaper-Planer, Drilling, Milling & Grinding. 4
Welding: Introduction, classification of welding processes. Gas-welding, types of flames and their
applications. Electric-Arc welding. Resistance welding. Soldering & Brazing processes and their uses. 3
Unit-IV Misc. Topics/ Processes
Heat Treatment Processes: Introduction to Heat- treatment of carbon steels: annealing, normalizing,
quenching, tempering and case-hardening.

Manufacturing Establishment: Plant location. Plant layout–its types. Types of Production. Production
versus Productivity. 1
Non-Metallic Materials: Common types & uses of Wood, Cement-concrete, Ceramics, Rubber, Plastics
and Composite-materials. 3
Misc. Processes: Introduction to Galvanizing and Electroplating. 1

Reference Books:
1. “Processes and Materials of Manufacture”, Lindberg, PHI
2. “Manufacturing Engineering And Technology”, Kalpakjian and Schmid, Pearson
3. “Manufacturing Processes”, Kalpakjian and Schmid, Pearson
4. “Manufacturing Processes”, H. N .Gupta, R. C. Gupta, Arun Mital, New Age


A Helpful Resource for An Engineer.

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