What Is Leadership and Different Types of Leadership Styles

Leadership Leadership is the skill of motivating and encouraging a group of people or followers to achieve a specific goal. The managerial function directing deals with the leadership concept. As leadership is dealing with directing people to work or acts as the leader wants them to act. The leader must compel them to work and Read more about What Is Leadership and Different Types of Leadership Styles[…]


How Not To Fall Asleep In Class

How to stop sleeping in class Falling asleep in those boring classes is not an uncommon occurrence. Some classes are way too hard not to fall asleep. And usually, you are not the only one feeling asleep. Especially if it’s a particularly unengaging classroom, it is quite possible that your friends at the back are Read more about How Not To Fall Asleep In Class[…]


What I’ve Learnt This Year, Including Getting My Finances Organised

When I was a child, I remember watching a movie in which a wild bird was shot. It was flying overhead so beautifully, so free. But suddenly a man took a musket, aimed, and hit the bird right in the heart. I remember the horror I felt as I watched feathers fly in all directions Read more about What I’ve Learnt This Year, Including Getting My Finances Organised[…]

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How Engineering Colleges are Gearing up for Kochi Smart City

In the last 15 years, there has been a shift in the education sector of Kerala. The recent Kerala Plus Two Result showed an increase in the overall pass percentage of the engineering (PCM) students.  Previously, only the best students would apply and take the seat for the engineering degrees. At that time, the students Read more about How Engineering Colleges are Gearing up for Kochi Smart City[…]


UMC Engineering Corporation – Innovative Solutions

UMC Engineering Corporation, the oilfield service company in Houston is known to use the Permian Basin of West Texas to start out with a fleet of new turbines that will be using excess natural gas from the drilling site to the power hydraulic fracturing equipment. This will be useful in reducing the amount of carbon Read more about UMC Engineering Corporation – Innovative Solutions[…]

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Types of Engineering Careers

If you guys are confused on what to take as career, we are here to help you with the vast options available in engineering. Here, we will take a look at all the branches that are available in engineering, the scope of all the branches now and in the future, the salaries offered and other Read more about Types of Engineering Careers[…]

Engineer Soft Skills Classroom

Why Engineers Need Soft Skills to Stand Out and Succeed

Getting a job nowadays is not possible by simply preparing stuff from the books and improving your technical skills. There are a whole lot of other things that are very necessary to get a job now. These skillsets can be put together in a group called soft skills. So, here we will be talking about Read more about Why Engineers Need Soft Skills to Stand Out and Succeed[…]


Download notes of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (NCS-702) Click Here to Download Upload your notes Syllabus of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (NCS-702) Unit-I 10Introduction : Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Foundations and History of Artificial Intelligence,Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Agents, Structure of Intelligent Agents. Computervision, Natural Language Possessing.Unit-II 10Introduction to Search : Searching for solutions, Uniformed search strategies, Informed Read more about ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (NCS-702)[…]



Download notes of OPERATION RESEARCH (NOE-073) Click Here   Upload your notes Syllabus of OPERATION RESEARCH (NOE-073) UNIT-I: Introduction: Definition and scope of operations research (OR), OR model, solving the OR model, art of modeling, phases of OR study. Linear Programming: Two variable Linear Programming model and Graphical method of solution, Simplex method, Dual Simplex Read more about OPERATION RESEARCH (NOE-073)[…]