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What’s New in CNC?

CNC machining has evolved leaps and bounds since the industrial revolution. Whether in terms of mechanical capabilities or technological advancements, there are multiple areas to investigate when taking into account all of the developments in...

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How Not To Fall Asleep In Class

How to stop sleeping in class Falling asleep in those boring classes is not an uncommon occurrence. Some classes are way too hard not to fall asleep. And usually, you are not the only one...

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Types of Engineering Careers

If you guys are confused on what to take as career, we are here to help you with the vast options available in engineering. Here, we will take a look at all the branches that...


Download notes of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (NCS-702) Click Here to Download Upload your notes Syllabus of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (NCS-702) Unit-I 10Introduction : Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Foundations and History of Artificial Intelligence,Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent...



Download notes of OPERATION RESEARCH (NOE-073) Click Here   Upload your notes Syllabus of OPERATION RESEARCH (NOE-073) UNIT-I: Introduction: Definition and scope of operations research (OR), OR model, solving the OR model, art of modeling,...